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1 LawSmart's Guide to Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage is forever. Or so is the intent when two people promise to love and support each other until death do they part. However, sometimes life does not work out as planned and, for whatever reason, a married couple seeks a divorce.


The divorce rate in America is often approximated at 40-50%. That rate is significantly higher if the spouses are on their second or third marriage. Knowing that the chances of divorce are statistically significant, many couples decide...

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2 The Legal Considerations of Having Kids

Having kids changes everything. Whether you are expecting your first infant or adopting an older child, the addition to your family likely means a substantial change in your day to day activities as well as your legal affairs.

It is important that you take the necessary steps to ensure the stability of your family and of your children's future. For some families that may mean taking legal steps to establish paternity or making sure that an adoption meets all of the legal requirements so that it is ...

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3 What to Do After the Wedding

Many couples look forward to a romantic honeymoon or at least some quiet relaxing time after the excitement and intensity of their wedding day. While this respite is undoubtedly welcomed, newlyweds should not lose sight of the business details that need to occur shortly after the wedding day.


Changing a Name


If one, or both, spouses are going to change their last name then it is important to be thorough and notify everyone who needs to know ...

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4 Getting Married - The Legal Requirements

There is so much to think about when you are planning a wedding. Finding the right dress, the perfect location and planning the menu probably spring to mind immediately. However, there are also some important legal issues that engaged couples should be aware of and must address while planning their wedding.


Getting a Marriage License


In order to get married, a couple must meet the state requirements for obtaining a marriage license in t...

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