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Power of Attorney (limited/specific)

A power of attorney authorizes another person to act on your behalf in legal, medical or business matters. Use this document to authorize someone to act on your behalf in matters which you are given the opportunity to specify.

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I can not rate it because I am not able to see the document

— Gloriaprotonentis

User Rating

Thank God for this form. Really appreciate it. The only thing that may or may not be incorrect is the second to last paragraph which starts as follows: "My Agent seems advisable in the best of his discretion." Does "his" represent the male or is it a general term. A female is my agent. Will the term "his" be a problem?

— Ethiopia

User Rating

excellent web site and they say free and it is i recamend this website for all legal forms

— victoria321

User Rating

Great help I will use again!

— nana11

User Rating

very helpful

— julius415

User Rating


— eorivera

User Rating

Completed Power of Attorney and this website makes it quick and easy. I would recommend using this website for all legal documents.

— Katlyn

User Rating

This document is excellent and I am very pleased with it. I would like to e-mail this document to my e-mail. How can I do this?

— plan1385

User Rating

Quick and easy.

— lowellmeek

User Rating

seems to be the perfect document for my needs.

— icanb

User Rating


— andrewcamacho13

User Rating

Many thanks for making the difficult simple. Firm is specific and to the point.

— clp436

User Rating

useless unable to print document total waste of my time over 1 hour

— thecoles14

User Rating

This is the worst legal form site I have ever seen. The form is unusable and after filling out the requested information none of it was included in the form.

— lawinfo

User Rating


— sueycam

User Rating

Thank You, I will have an attorney review the info, as advised in your disclaimer.

— ydbllc

User Rating

thank you!

— 296c89bfc357ebb3fdf9b70f12a93a

User Rating

formatting has some errors that a field is not defined. Does not allow multiple names for those who are giving the power of attorney

— ravif

User Rating

Many errors, difficult (not user friendly) program.

— justwnl

User Rating

Very easy to use, thanks

— echelle

User Rating

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