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Real Estate Purchase Agreement

A purchase agreement is used by a person seeking to purchase real estate, it is used to make a formal offer. A purchase agreement includes formalities for purchasing real estate such as the amount of down payment, who will be used as escrow agent, and clarifies the rights and obligations of both the person seeking to buy, Purchaser, and the person seeking to sell, Seller. Use this document to make a formal offer to a seller on a real estate transaction.

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looks good to me. Many thanks.

— bmac

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Easy to use. Mission accomplished.

— sandra50

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My first time submitting a contract for an investment property. This form and website is awesome. Thanks

— thehardengrp

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This is a very good site. Thank you, I found just what I needed. Easy to use.

— jayala5

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Very nice.

— leahelms

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Great site, nice and easy form to use.

— karhpern

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— dmc2323dmc

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This is a great way to make a legal document. I would use this site for all of my legal docments

— svryals

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Nice! So easy and inclusive of everything necessary for the document I needed.

— alliworks

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