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An affidavit is a document which is used when a person creates a sworn record of factual statements. Affidavits are usually required when, for legal reasons, certain facts known to a person making an affidavit (usually called the "affiant") must be recorded and sworn as true. Because the factual statements in affidavits are "sworn," they must be signed in the presence of a person authorized to take oaths, such as a notary public. Use this form to create an affidavit that can be signed under oath by a notary, or other person authorized to take oaths.

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Very useful site. I was able to utilize it with my personal issues. I wish there was a phone app. that could also let you manage your account on the go. Other than that very awesome...

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This is so eazy and I give u 5 stars and a thumbs up

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easy to use...but can't get the document to print

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Affidavit was easy to use!

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Aug 24 2015 Thanks for the great service! One issue - the form does not use appropriate spacing in the Affidavit title line and the "attest" statement following the statement of fact does not make any sense. Other than that it looks good!

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Hard to use; Not accurate


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