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Debtor's Settlement Offer

There are times and circumstances during which creditors will accept reduced payment in full settlement of a debt. The savings resulting from these agreements can be substantial, and you can often negotiate an improvement in your credit report as well. The law of contracts binds you to the terms of your offer, so be certain that you can do what you promise. The creditor can respond in three ways. He can accept your terms, in which case you have a contract. He can vary the terms of your offer, in which case, you are still negotiating. Or he can reject your offer outright. If you are behind on your payments and suspect that your creditor may be open to a settlement offer, use this form to offer a settlement on terms that you can live with.

When a debtor desires to settle a debt with a creditor he or she may do so by initiating negotiations with a settlement offer letter. Use this letter to make an offer to a creditor to settle a debt and set forth parameters of the settlement.

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