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General Partnership Agreement

A partnership agreement is a contract for two or more people or entities used to form a business partnership. The agreement sets forth the terms and conditions and rules regarding governance of the partnership. The agreement also describes the kinds of contributions each partner will make and set forth whether it will be an equal partnership or if one partner will make a larger contribution of money, or labor than the other partner(s).

This agreement provides for partner flexibility upon the withdrawal, death or other incapacity of a partner and allows for the remaining partners to either accept such partner's successor in interest as a partner or buy-out such partner's interest, as may be agreed by the partners. This provision prevents the dissolution of the partnership outright upon such event and gives the partners flexibility in dealing with such unforeseen events.

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Wow, what a pleasure to use. Wish I had found this first!

— brentburleson

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Excellent Resource and Service - didn't believe this was "really" a "free" legal form! Made a believer out of me - thank you again!

— skyblueentrepeneur

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— Tiffinnie

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Very user friendly!

— Sheen

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I need to be able to edit my document, or at least paste it into a word processor so I can edit it to work for me. I cannot figure out how to do this so I am afraid this is useless to me, unless someone can tell me how to copy and paste the document into a word processor, or edit the document (it's password protected!)

— JuliaStege

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I am looking for an example Partnership agreement to be able to see what is needed in the contract/agreement for my own business. It would be helpful to know what exactly is needed. Your instructions indicate that there is much more to the agreement than what your actual form provides. I am somewhat confused as to how the actual agreement should be written???

— miguel3765

User Rating

Thank you. I do feel you need areas where you can add more information, for example "Dispute resolution" or "Buy-Sell Deadlock".

— joleanrook

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Thank you LawSmart you have made my day much smoother. Team Mysource

— xW0JwY9R

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Had just the right document that I needed. And didn't cost an arm and a leg like the other Law Document Companies online. Thanks Lawsmart

— vivpiehl

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This is the best and fastest document editor I ever saw with great quality.

— Lmarques

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very easy

— golfguy1641

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Very easy to work with and easy to read. Thanks.

— Lane

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Does not allow you to edit/add additional terms and conditions to the document.

— jmitchinc

User Rating

Awesomeness! It lays out everything you need to make an agreement. It Keeps it short and sweet and does all the hard work for you. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

— ebonybeauty305

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Great service!

— daramcca

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The form was fast and easy! A great idea to provide it to the community for free. Thank you!

— info4

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extremely helpful,thanks for a wonderful experience

— dfrankhewlett

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This is a wonderful & helpful website! I love it!

— xjiani

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— yhytrans

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— cherise143

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the form does not provide for the addition of clauses which are specific to death or withdrawing from the partnership and any conditions placed on the heirs or the remaining partner.

— melvincohen

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wow i never thought such valuable information can be for free and easy to did help me a lot,now I think they should make these document work for other people outside the US.

— tsopotsa

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great servixe and very thankful!

— lapachangastore

User Rating

A very basic document, a lot of room for improvements. It is a good beginning, it's free

— andy1046

User Rating

I love it!

— kpceobeauideal

User Rating

Good basic partnership form. Would like to see option for additional editing of Exhibit A and/or adding additional exhibits to more clearly specify partner contribution requirements. Overall very satisfied with the agreement and extremely satisfied with the creation process!

— kbc1

User Rating

Would be great if you had one that supported bands. :-)

— jbvbc00l

User Rating

I love this site. Everything was simple, easy and quick, Thank You

— danielleshima

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Easy to complete. Fast.

— tinyranch

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Thanks a million

— nicola12ja

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so easy and fast!!

— akipp44

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— chrishaydenfacebook

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It would be nice to be able to get it on word, to be able to personalize the document further.

— esthermike

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Love this service so helpful

— gladbag17

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Amazing. The document was excellent. I owe it to get representation through this website.

— neil2

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thank you very much it was exactly what I needed.

— azure1369

User Rating

super easy to use; seems very comprehensive

— derelict

User Rating

Provided just what I needed.

— nickant041

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Should have an option for splitting of profits and losses other than the two provided. Ours doesn't fit in the two options. Perhaps an "Other" and allow for tailoring. In general, this would be helpful if all sections allowed for more tailoring. This could be solved if it downloaded as a word doc, rather than pdf. Good document generally though.

— josephnatkin

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Thank you so much! This was exactly the kind of multi purpose free legal form website that I have been searching for! Very simple to understand and easy to use!

— timothybrainard

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— alnakeb

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loved it thank you saved my life!!!

— shenaedavis71

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I love the ease of creating a document.

— lsgorlando2013

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— joannepe

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Easy to follow the step and complete the document in just a few minute.

— stephenkkl

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That was easy thanks.

— rcjp02

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Thank you for making it easy and free.

— ydbllc

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