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Lease Termination Agreement

A lease is a legally enforceable agreement between two parties for the temporary use of real property. A lease typically sets forth the number of days, months or years for which the tenancy will last. Upon mutual agreement of a landlord and tenant, they may decide to terminate the lease before the term of the lease has expired. In doing so they will want to have proper documentation of the termination, such as a lease termination agreement, to ensure both parties are relieved of their rights and obligations under the lease.

Use this document to terminate a lease when there is mutual consent by the landlord and tenant.

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forces the use of apartment or leaves an extra comma in the address. Other than that, it is great

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Great service...

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Great Form!!!

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Easy to use. Document is easily understoon

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Great form. Very professional. Does need, however, additional tenant names.

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Quick, acurate, and convenient, Thank you

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IF I could open it without getting a timeout and having to log in to the system again I would be able to rate it. Waste of time!!!

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Thank you for providing easy steps to follow..... that result in professional documentation.

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It doesnt ask you certain important questions like why are you terminating your lease. That should be in the form, Duh!!!

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Great template; very useful.

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Documents were easy and quick to use. I enjoyed having the ability to add my own language as well.

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Excellent service!

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This was easy and I really enjoy the detail of the document. Thank you

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there's not much help for tenants who are treated poorly by their landlord. So this was very helpful.

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Very easy to use

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