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Warranty Deed to be used to convey property to joint tenants with survivorship rights

A warranty deed is a deed in which the grantor of property makes certain guarantees to the person whom he or she is conveying the property to, the grantee. The grantor guarantees that he/she holds clear title to a piece of real estate and has the right to sell it. This guarantee extends beyond the grantor's own possession of the property, and all the way back to its origins and also guarantees the property is free from all encumbrances (except as set forth in the document), that the grantee will be able to quietly enjoy the property, and that the grantor will forever warrant and defend the title to the property against any lawful claims and demands.

In many states, tenancy in common is the default for two or more individuals taking title to the same property. Each tenant in common owns an individual share, has a right to possess the whole and may own unequal portions of the property. An owner of a share may transfer through, sale, gift, will or through intestacy, their own share and it does not disturb the other owners. The new party becomes a tenant in common with the remaining owners.

Use this document to create a deed conveying property to multiple parties who wish to take title as tenants in common, without survivorship rights.

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